Amun Ra proudly presents:   "THE PREMIUM COLLECTION"

Symbol of eternal light of creation and the freedom of infinity of being. Every being is creator, who came to be free, infinite and divine in the all-embracing love of the universe.
AMUN RA combines old knowledge with new discoveries and mediates between mankind and spiritual world in daily life.

 "You shall live paradise in your everyday life"


For more than 3000 years the sun god "Amun-Ra" (Amun or Amen, Ammon, Amon, Amoun - Egyptian: The Hidden) has been worshiped by the Egyptians. He was the first imperial God and king of the gods. He was granted the greatest devotion in the Old Empire. Enormous pyramids, temples and obelisks were built in his honour - the golden rays of the sun were caught in the peaks of those monuments and should reflect his grace and glamour. The largest temple ever built was for Amun-Ra in "El-Karnak" near Luxor.

According to the legend Amun was born in Luxor, from where he created the world. He united with Ra and became "Amun-Ra". He rose to the God of gods and was equated with the sun God RA of Heliopolis. He reached the highest veneration, any Egptian god has ever been given. From then on, Amun-Ra reigned over Egypt as the "father of the gods, the creator of man, the creator of cattle, the Lord of all beings".Ra is the most significant among all gods. Ra is the logos of the sun in its glory as a major force by driving the tides, the embodiment of divine heat, light and divine majesty. He embodies the zenith of the sun, the air, the humidity and humanity.

Manifestations of the sun god "Ra" as Aton, power of light, sun disc with arms and hands, carrying the life-sustaining loop. As Ra Horakte he is the Egyptian god with a sun disc on the hawk head. Horus is an aspect of Ra. Horus appears as a hawk without the sun disc, Ra is in the form of a hawk with a sun disc.

 "Follow your heart as long as you live"

Wisdom of the Ptahhotep

Sacred Egyptian Oils and Divine Essences 

We will show you the mysterious and enigmatic world of the 'old empire' of the Egyptians. With their magnificent treasures and their great mysticism.

Already thousands of years ago the Egyptians knew about the healing power of the magic "Seven Sacred Oils of the Pharaohs" and performed the art of mummification which is marvelled at still today by science.

On our trips through this intriguing country we have experienced intensive contact with the energy of this ancient knowledge from health, luck, happiness and everlasting eternal youth in a miraculous way.

We will tell to you the history of

                                              - " The Seven Sacred Oils of the Pharaohs " -

a historical term, stamped approx. 5,000 b.C. by Egyptian priests and doctors. The origin and impact of the holy oils was academically investigated an proved by archaeological excavations. Today originals of the vessels and alabaster boards are displayed in the " Metropolitan museum of Art" in N.Y. City, USA and in the " Egyptian museum " in Cairo Egypt.

The oils of the pharaohs - a secret of High Temple Priests thousands of years ago has been rediscovered and fused with recent scientific knowledge

... rediscovered and developed especially for you

... included in the products of RA AMUN.

AMUN RA - everything to promote your health

We would like to thank the spiritual community for their help and support in developing the Amun Ra holy chakra oils and wish you a joyful experience with the use of our oils and essences.

Sincerely yours,
Your Amun Ra team

"The Seven Chakra Oils"

Amun Ra chakra oils, derived from flowers and plants, are the purest and most wonderfully scented essences. In ancient times, they were credited with strong overall healing power, rejuvenation of the body as well as the development of extraordinary mental capacity.

The history of the "Seven Sacred Oils of the Pharaohs" dates back to the old empire of the Egyptians (about 3,200 B.C.). It is the secret of seven oils - rubbed as ointment - which were utilized by priests in temples and at the royal court of the Egyptian kings.

They are extremely effective in cleansing and vitalizing of the chakras and the fine material bodies as well as in solving/working off problems, old patterns and blockades.

This is the way to utilize the seven oils to noticeably activate your self-healing power!

The Amun Ra chakra oils are unique in their origin, mode of action and effectiveness due to the link of ancient and new knowledge.

They contain exclusively the purest extracts of

Red Amber - Musk - Jasmine - Roses - Amber Cashmere - Sandalwood - Lotus

without any trace of other vehicle oils or substances! (e.g. Jojoba, alcohol, ethanol, as commonly used in commercially available products)

- as a natural, original essence of flower blossoms and plants without any chemical additives

All the oils are derived through a special production method of ancient Egyptian tradition.Every single bottle of oil is bottled by hand and enriched with energy of ascended masters and angels; the relevant energies for the respective chakras were delivered by the spiritual hierarchy. The entire project is under the aegis and the protection of the holy, green ray of healing. The ascended cosmic master "Cantor" and the archangel "Raphael" have volunteered for this and the patronage is carried by "Isis" and "Horus".

Due to the high effectiveness of the chakra oils we recommend that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the dosage and the application method. Due to the purity and the production method, these oils are true treasures! These oils never expire and can also be used in fragrance lamps (during a meditation or to cleanse a room) and as bath oils.

AMUN RA has been inextricably linked to one of the three Egyptian families that, many generations ago, were given a licence to produce pure ethereal oils by the Egyptian government. We therefore guarantee the authenticity and the absolute purity of our oils and essences.

Impact and influence of the energies of the ascendend masters and archangels in combination with the holy chakra oils on the seven chakras:

Root chakra - Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Cantor

Resolving old issues, healing of emotional injuries , strength and wisdom, orientation towards the prospects
of the future

Sacral chakra - Cantor, Archangel Raphael, Victory

Strength, evenness, cure of the relationship of the inner man and the inner woman,
transformation and cure of hurt and exhausted feelings

Solar plexus - El Morya, Saint Germain, Lenduce

Old wisdom, transformation of past pain, the opening and the path
towards your inner self

Heart chakra - Vywamus, Lady Rowena

Cure of old wounds, working off of blockades, to get it going, self-love,
self-esteem, forgiveness

Throat chakra - Victory

Development of a new language code, expression of your inner self

Third Eye chakra - El Morya, Kwan Yin

Link of the dimensions, comprehension, outlook, foresight

Crown chakra - Saint Germain, spiritual leader

Transformation of old structures, opening for your personal spiritual guidance

Directions for use:
Apply the respective oil (1 to 3 drops once or twice a day) according to the rotation of the chakras (see illustration). The root and the crown chakras of males open with a clockwise rotation, while the root and the crown chakras of females open with a counter clockwise rotation. The directions of the rotations is as viewed by an observer.

Female                                                           /              Male
Female / Male

Please remember to always shake the bottles well prior to ensure the mixing of the elements in order to allow the full release of their effectiveness. Shake to awake!

The cleansing and invigorating effect of the Amun Ra chakra oils on your self-healing power is verified and affirmed by aura photos, aura reading and kinesiology.

Science - with authorization of Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Langhauser

Everything on earth has certain wave-like characteristics. The earth's gravitational pull, for example, is measured in units of bovis. The vibrations are measured in Hertz to giga Hertz.
It has been scientifically shown that a healthy human cell has a frequency of 27 mega Hertz. It is recommended to build up a frequency level in the much higher Giga Hertz range within all aspects of your life including your home, work, nutrition, your car, etc. Utilizing the oils and essences of Amun Ra are a great tool to achieve these higher frequencies.

The Indian river " Ganges " has a mountain vibration of 650 giga Hertz. The people of that region use this water for bathing as well as drinking. However, despite the relatively high level of pollution in the river, the water heals the people due to its very low wave length.

High levels of vibration can also protect us from radiation and environmental pollution. The oils and essences of Amun Ra have vibrations of around 160 giga Hertz which is very high for the average person.

Upon application of the Amun Ra oils and essences, not only will the colors of your aura change, but the scope of your aura will increase, meaning the remaining DNA strands 3 to 12 will be activated.
Consequently, over time, one will notice increased potential and abilities at one's disposal. The increased level of life energy will allow, among others, a more satisfied life as well as deeper and more relaxing sleep.

Original Oil Jar Egyptian Museum
Original Oil Jar Egyptian Museum

Other AMUN RA products of our line "The Oils of the Pharaohs" :

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  • "Room energy essence"
    Cleanse, energize and protect your rooms - easy but truly effective
  • "Life energy"
  • oil - essence - massage oil Since ancient times the healing and spiritually lifting powers of the Kundalini (our life energy) are well-known
  • "Cosmic Love" and "Arabian nights" 
  • divine room scents Cosmic love - universal love/self-love. The scent harmonizes your room climate and lifts your well-being
    Arabian nights - inspiration/sensuality. A scent like Arabian nights, sensual, magic, infinite, valuable and precious
  • "Cleopatra"
  • lotion - shower gel - fragrance - rose water - facial cream
    Discover the secret of beauty - produced with the original and secret recipes of Cleopatra
  • "Hercules"
  • lotion - shower gel - fragrance
    For the heroes among men! It activates your power, strength, and confidence
  • "Isis" and "Horus"
  • oil - fragrance Isis - awake the goddess of love in you Horus - awake the passion in you
  • "The source of life"
  • oil - essence
    Papyrus oil - connecting to higher energies
  • "Ascended master essences"
  • Victory - victory energy
  • Saint Germain - higher consciousness, transformation
    Lady Nada - self-love, self-confidence
  • Vywamus - universal love
  • "Archangel essences"
    Archangel Michael - power, strength
  • Archangel Raphael - healing, protection
  • "Pet Love "
    The best support for your pet and animals

Information for your Safety:

  • Never take essential oils internally.
  • Read about an essential oil before applying it.
  • Essential oils are very concentrated substances and should be diluted before applying them to the skin. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Do not use essential oils on infants and children.
  • Essential oils can cause a prickly, irritating sensation to the skin. If this occus, do not rub water on the area. Doing so will cause the oil to spread.
  • Apply any vegetable/carrier oil to the area; this will cause the essential oil to be absorbed and ease the irritation in minutes.
  • Keep essential oils away from your eyes.
  • Keep essential oils out of the reach of children and animals.
  • If skin irritation or an allergic reaction occurs with any essential oil or product with essential oils in it, discontinue uze immediately.
  • Essential oils should not replace proper health care. If you are under medical supervision consult with your health care provider before using essential oils.
  • Warning: application of these products may cause the following temporary side effects: Nausea, dizziness, mood changes, pain, If any of these side effects occur, discontinue use immediately.


All information, content and product description is provided for reference purposes only.
No claim is made to the accuracy of these statements nor is the information to be considered all inclusive. Information, content and product descriptions are not intended to substitute professional advice given by a physician, pharmacist or other licensed health care provider. You should not use this information for treating a health problem or disease or to make self diagnosis. Contact a health care provider if you require medical attention. Information from this flyer and statements regarding AMUN RA "The seven sacred oils of the Pharaohs" and AMUN RA products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition or disease. Actual product packaging and materials may contain different information than that is shown on this website

Please note: These suggestions for your safety are not to be considered complete and all-inclusive.

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